Figure Out Everything About The Virus From The 10 Most Biggest Questions About It

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With a new virus affecting, the whole world right now people have a lot of questions including myself.
We’ll answer 10 of the biggest questions that people have about the virus.

How Does This Thing Spread ?

This virus is most likely to spread from person to person through close contact with individuals that have been infected in the past 24 hours before their symptoms have appeared, also close contact with people that have confirmed to be infected through coughs and sneezes as well as touching objects and surfaces like door handles, tables and all of that, and then you contracting the virus and then touching your face and then the virus goes through your eyes, your nose, your mouth, so bottom line is don’t touch no one and stay away from people.

Is There A Vaccine ?

Currently there’s no vaccine available, but trials to have a vaccine created have actually been gone, so scientists and doctors are doing what they can to get those created as quickly as possible.

Should I Wear A Mask ?

Mask protect you, well, if you’re sick definitely wearing a face mask is recommended why? because it can actually help prevent you from infecting other people, through coughs and sneezes, it’ll keep some of the particles in, but also if you work in the medical field and you are treating patients is definitely always a good practice to have a mask, also a thing too if you’re a person that is not sick you definitely don’t want to be using up the face mask you really want to save those for people who are in the medical field or people who are sick that need them to help prevent the spread of the virus.

How Long Does It Stay On Surfaces ?

It’s not clear how long this new virus actually survives on surfaces, but according to the World Health Organization they say that it looks like it behaves similar to other viruses like it, they estimate that it can live on services from a few hours up to a several days definitely not weeks or years though viruses need a host and without a host they die.

Can Humans Get The Virus From Cats And Dogs ?

Straight up the answer is no, and that kind of segues into our other question, so what animal is the source of this.

Are Bats The Source ?

In a study that was published in late February of this year, the World Health Organization did say that it does appear that this new virus did come from bats, but although it definitely has not been confirmed, there’s several other theories of how it was transmitted from animals to humans, possibly a bat to human but no theory has yet been confirmed.

Does High Temperatures Kill This Virus ?

From the evidence so far, this virus can be transmitted in all areas included areas that are hot and humid or hot and dry whatever the climate, so depending on where you live you obviously have to take the preventive measures that fit to your climate, but definitely always a good practice to keep your hands clean, wash them and try to avoid touching your eyes, your mouth and your nose as much as possible, especially if you haven’t had a chance to wash your hands or sanitize them.

Can You Get This From Mosquito Bites ?

No evidence or any information or anything that can suggest that this new virus can be transmitted by mosquitoes, so we’re definitely not saying no, but there’s no evidence or any kind of information to support that at all, so if you get a mosquito bite do not freak out, chances are, you’re good.

When Is Life Gonna Go Back To Normal ?

Here’s the thing though this can take a really long time for everything to start dying down, possibly even years, so the clear-cut strategy of you know shutting down large parts of society, definitely isn’t sustainable long term people need to get back to business as usual, so with that said it’s estimated that vaccines could take up to a year or maybe a little bit longer to be created and actually work for all humans and then there’s the natural immunity similar to what humans have developed to the common flu or cold, that’s gonna be at least two years away, there’s no answer as to when things will get back to normal, we just have to take this one day at a time.

How Can I Make Money While Staying Home ?

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Please do not stock pile and hoard items from your grocery store or anything like that, and try to sell them for a profit, that’s pretty low and evil given the circumstances.

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