10 Surprising Things You Never knew About Disney !

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Disney it’s a company that’s been alive and running since October 16 1923.

In this article we’re going to show 10 Secret about this company :

10 . Disneyland Deaths

Did you know that in Disneyland there are dead bodies everywhere, and now everyone has heard about the true bone skeleton of pirates of the Caribbean, because Disney felt that the fake bones at the time were not real enough, and as RT reports say, a number of Disney workers have been in accidents in theme parks over the years.

9 . Theme Parks

Disney World has two abandoned theme parks, in 1999 and 2001 Discovery Island was closed from Disney World and River Country because Florida developed a new law prohibiting the use of uncorrelated water in theme parks and instead of demolishing it, Disney kept it open and kept since then they became moldy.

8 . Underground Network

Disney World has a large underground network, actually called utilidors and it’s a huge underground tunnel network where cast members can wander around the park, because they don’t want the cast members to move from one place to another because the magic will break.

7 . A113 Code

Have you ever seen this code in a Pixar film ?
A113 (pronounced A1-13) has appeared in many Pixar films, and many people think it’s some conspiracy message, however Pixar just said it’s the room for the California Institute of Arts where the animators learned their craft.

6 . Disney # Viacom

From time ago, we was think that Viacom owns the entire world, but guess what, Disney destroys them easily, Disney’s market cap as of March 2015 makes $179.5 billion dollars, and that stretched over a 180,000 employees.

5 . Mothers

Most Disney movie characters do not have mothers, the reason for this is actually quite morbid and dark, Walt Disney puts a lot of pressure on the death of his mother who died in a fire, he never talks about it, and he always feels responsible for this, because she died in the house he bought and started the fire By defective kettle.

4 . Club 33

Club 33 is a private club, it is only available to members, and if you want to be a member, you must spend $ 10,000 annually to be a member, and to access this secret club besides being a member, you must access an internal communication system and even enter your membership card And, if you want to join, they allow new members but it’s a very long process and there is a good chance you will die before getting approved.

3 . Secret Apartment

When Disneyland opened, Walt Disney put a secret apartment over the fire station on Main Street and all this because he wanted to secretly watch his guests above, but if you look at the window you will see a light, this light was installed to celebrate his death, this or to remind us that we are always on probation.

2 . Lilly Belle Train Car

Lilly Belle train car, it’s a train car named after the wife of Disney, but this train only works twice throughout the day and is only available to VIPs, and the only way you can ride it is if you go before opening the park and you ask one of the cast members to reserve, and if you Lucky, you might get a ride before the park opens.

1 . Johnny Depp

If you ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and you see four Captain Jack Sparrow’s guess what one of them is actually Johnny Depp himself, this is because sometimes he likes to go and just hang out at the ride.

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