Do You Believe .. ! 10 Vital Organs You Can Live Without !

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It’s very clear to many of us that body parts such as eyes, ears, mouth, nose to hearing, hands, and feet although they serve great purposes you can actually live without, but did you know that there are many other vital organs that even if removed, you can still live life Natural, for example you can live without your brain.

In this article we’re going to show you some vital organs you can live without theme :

10 . The Brain

The Brain is the important organ in the body, if you don’t have a brain you are not something, but the surprise is like this, you can live without your brain not %100 percent of it, but half of it is at least for some patients, a process called hemispherectomy is surgery to remove one side of the brain It is their only way to save their lives and a person can live surprisingly well with only half of the brain, and this should be surprising, but true, there is someone who doesn’t even have a brain.

9 . The Colon

The colon is also known as the large intestine, it is the last part of the digestive system, and now people suffering from cancer and other diseases that affect the colon often have to remove part or all of the colon, and in some cases a cyst can be made at the end of the small intestine to dissolve Place the colon while others only wear a bag outside the body to collect waste if the colon is removed completely.

8 . The Stomach

Yes, you can live without your stomach, but the story is more complicated than you might expect, if the stomach can be completely removed, so what will happen is that the esophagus will be redirected to contact the small intestine and surgeons can actually take part of the small intestine to expand it, so that it becomes like a stomach Alternative there, then the food goes through the same digestive process as usual.

Warning : we value our private parts a lot laughs reproductive organs for both men and womam including the testes and the uterus, they’re definitely necessary for producing a child but they are not necessary to sustain your life.

7 . The Kidneys

Usually we have two kidneys that act as a blood filter, some people are born with only one kidney, while others surgically remove perhaps to donate, and now in fact it takes only one kidney to continue to live normally in life, it is also possible to remove the kidneys, but in this case You will have to do regular dialysis that uses a device to remove waste products from the blood.

6 . The Liver

In fact, you can live without your liver, but only for a very short period, and the great thing is that if a portion of your liver is removed, you can live a regular life because over time the liver itself will regenerate and be completely new again.

5 . The Lungs

When you take a deep breath and exhale, which are two air sacs there, the lungs help bring oxygen to the blood, and now if one lung is removed, the remaining lung can actually grow slightly larger to carry some workload that compensates for the lost lung, but of course with a lung present Only one in you will have more trouble breathing.

4 . The Spleen

The Spleen is also an organ that helps filter blood and also acts as a reservoir of immune cells called monocytes, people can live without the spleen but they may be more susceptible to certain types of diseases, so if you have a choice just keep the spleen because the disease is bad.

3 . The Coccyx

Coccyx is some other body parts that if removed slightly to nothing will actually change and in most cases they are completely useless, the coccyx is usually called tailbone, and it is at the base of our spine, we are three to five vertebrae that are merged together, it was Focus of the debate on evolution versus creation for some time, people ask why we have a wonder of guilt if we do not develop, while others say that it was just a part of the body that does not mean our development.

2 . The Nitration Membrane

The nitration membrane is a small fold in the inner corner of the eye and is a remnant of the so-called the nictitating membrane.

1 . The Palatine Tonsils

The tonsils are the back of the throat to filter bacteria, but they are susceptible to infection, which is why many children remove them.

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