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There’s many influential movers and shakers on this planet in only the most exclusive of places when it comes to luxurious destinations, there’s nowhere quite like Europe it’s the home of the supercar with the likes of Ferrari and Lamborghini, it’s the fashion center of the world, the source of so much art and culture and with countless castles palaces and stunning vistas, it’s a veritable billionaires playground.

Here other Seven richest people in Europe.


Giovanni Ferrero, twenty-two point four billion dollars ( $22.4 Billion ), as chairman of the confectionary company named after his father Giovanni Ferrero has a personal wealth of just over twenty-two billion dollars, he once ran the company that was set up by his grandfather in the wake of the Second World War in 1946 with his brother and father, but they both passed away in 2011 and 2014, leaving him to take full control the Empire owns brands such as Ferrero Rocher, kinder and tic-tac.

In 2018 purchased all of Nestle’s candy business in the United States to bring Butterfinger and Baby Ruth under his purview.

The business is highly profitable selling around thirteen billion dollars worth of confectionary every year, and the company had billions of dollars in reserves.

Very little is known about Giovanni outside his inner circle, but he lives with his wife Paola Rossi and his son together they live the high life and have a huge villa in Monte Carlo with the company headquarters, being in Alba in Northwest Italy he had to commute to work every day in the only way a billionaire can by helicopter, his passion isn’t all about business though and he somehow found time to write and publish three novels in the past, two decades along with a marketing handbook that was released in 1990.


DIETER Schwarz twenty two point six billion dollars ( $22.6 Billion ), DIETER Schwartz from Germany is known as being a recluse and for his minimal spending, but his thriftiness has led him to being the 36th richest person in the world, the majority of his wealth comes from his ownership in Schwarz Gruppe which he took control of following his father’s death in 1977.
The company is the largest food retailer in Europe with 12,000 little and coughlin supermarkets that generate around 121 billion dollars in revenue each year.

He lives in Germany with his wife and two daughters and has taken unusual steps to ensure the independence of his supermarket chains.

After stepping down from management in 1999. 99.9% of the company’s shares were put into a charitable foundation that focuses on promoting cultural exchanges around the world, while the voting rights will give him to a separate company while it’s unlikely you’ll ever see DIETER after fashion shows or cruising past the Riviera, fees impact across the continent is unavoidable.


Alaine & Gerard Wertheimer twenty nine point two billion dollars ( $29.2 Billion ), Frances Wertheimer brothers have a combined net worth of twenty nine point two billion dollars with an empire and fortune.

That began in 1920 when their grandfather Pierre funded the designer Coco Chanel, now they control a vast empire and while their fortune was largely inherited, they’ve made a series of savvy investments that have only served to increase it they are co-owners of Chanel and are known by others in the industry as being fashions quietest billionaires.

They are quite unassuming never taking part in interviews and if they attend Chanel fashion shows they drive themselves to the venue and will sit in the third or fourth row so as not to distract any attention away from the event.
Beyond the fashion house, the company owns beach wear and Tanner Krolle which produces leather products, a British gun maker called Holland and Holland.

These brothers also invest heavily into their interests and owned a number of French vineyards including Chateau Rosen’s Sigler and Chateau Canyon along with a horse racing stable which they used to compete in both America and France .


Francois Pinault twenty nine point seven billion dollars ( $29.7 Billion ), Francois Pinault and his family are the majority shareholders of power company kering which owns brands such as Gucci, Saint Laurent and Alexander McQueen to name a few, furthermore this holding company owns converse shoes, Samsonite the Vail Ski Resort in Canada and Christie’s auction house.

These reflect his hobbies such as skiing and he has one of the largest contemporary art collections in the world.
He owns the Palazzo Grassi in Venice where his artwork is displayed with more than 300 pieces including those by Picasso, Damien Hirst and Marshall race among others his love of the Arts also led him to donate 100 million euros in the wake of the fire that damaged Notre Dame in April of
2019 with the hope that one day it will be fully restored.

He also owns an expedition company a theater in Paris a French soccer team a number of vineyards and not only does he have a luxury private yacht but he also owns a luxury ship operator which has a fleet of yachts that carry more than 23,000 people each year.


Francois Bettencourt Meyer forty-nine point three billion dollars ( $49.3 Billion ).

The richest woman in the world is Francois Bettencourt Meyer who is the granddaughter of the founder of L’Oreal and now owns 33% of the cosmetics company, she has served on the L’Oreal board since 1997 and his chairwoman of the family’s holding company and the president of their philanthropy foundation which has around 700 million dollars that it uses to fund the development of Frances Science and Arts.

She’s also a noted author having released a book about the Greek gods and a number of commentaries of the Bible, she has also written about Judaism the tribes of Israel and a family tree of Adam and Eve, she inherited her wealth in 2017 when her mother passed away and is currently thought to be worth about forty nine point three billion dollars.


Armancio Ortega 62 point seven billion dollars ( $62.7 Billion ), as the founder of clothing retailer Zara and owning 59% of Inditex which is the largest clothing retailer in the world.

Armancio Ortega is the wealthiest retailer on the planet he was once in 2015 the overall which’s person on earth but is currently only worth around sixty two point seven billion dollars, despite his involvement in most markets and the probability that you own items of clothing that were made by one of his companies.

Armancio has a relatively low profile and goes to great lengths to keep his privacy, in fact it was only in 1999 that the first photograph of him was ever published and despite being in business for almost 50 years he’s only given handful of interviews.

He’s well known for living a simpler lifestyle and lives with his wife in a Karuna in Spain, He used to go to the same coffee shop every day and eat with his employees but he has made some extravagant purchases since then he owns an equestrian center in Galicia Spain drives an Audi r8, has a 45 million dollar bombardier global express BD 700 private jet and is often on his 67 meter yacht called drizzle which is based in San Tropez.

He also owned several large properties including the Tour a Picasso skyscraper in Madrid and the epic residences and hotel in Miami it’s his philanthropy endeavors that have gained him the most attention.

In 2012 he donated 20 million euros to Caritas internationalists which is a Roman Catholic relief organization and he also gave 300 million euros to help fight cancer in Spain an act that enabled the purchase of 440 detection machine and 50 stereotactic radiotherapy machines because of his charitable donations he was awarded a prize at the 2017 Spanish Association of foundations awards.


Bernard Arnault 76 billion dollars ( $76 Billion ) if there’s anyone in Europe that you want to be your friend and it’s probably Bernard Arnault who is the fourth richest person in the world.

He has a reported net worth of 76 billion dollars which he is made by being the chairman and CEO of LVMH the largest producer of goods that includes brands like Louis Vuitton Dom Perignon and TAG HEUER.

He and his wife a Canadian concert pianist named Helen Mercier live on the left bank south of the CN river in Paris, next to the Latin Quarter and the Saint Jermaine Dupri.

The home has a large collection of artwork including pieces by Picasso, Andy Warhol Damien Hirst and jean-michel Basquiat, he has a fleet of private jets, he and his children use huge vacation villa in saint-tropez and is spent at least 96 million dollars on a number of properties in various districts of Los Angeles as you’d expect from such an influential person.

Arnault position gets him the ear of the most powerful people in the world.

In 2017 he was pictured with Donald Trump just a few days before his inauguration and he’s often seen meeting other world leaders.


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