How Ariana Grande Blew $100 Million Dollars !

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She may be small, but Ariana Grande’s bank balance is as big as it gets with deeper pockets than we can understand, let’s know how this millionaire splash with her money, so when she doesn’t lick cakes, how do you like Ariana’s beloved to spend her money?

Oh, there’s the $16 million dollar apartment, the pokemons tattoos and even a pet pig, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Ariana Grande is worth a lot of money, we’re talking close to $ 100 million, putting it miles away from fellow singers Kylie Minogue, Fergie, Britney Spears and Harry Styles and just as you can expect that Ariana’s little pot of gold is just going to keep growing in size It doubles its value with upcoming new releases and endorsement rounds, and has every opportunity to climb the ranks and match them with industrial property rights.

Ariana Grande was not born into superstar stardom, it certainly didn’t take long to throw her name into the limelight, and she started performing on stage as a child only and got Charlotte’s role in Broadway production for 13 when she herself was only 15 years old, but he was One special role in Nickelodeon’s show that changed everything, victorious, according to TMZ she made $ 9,000 per episode in Season One alone.

Now with six iHeartRadio, 5 MTV and 3 American Music Awards under her belt, she can buy whatever she wants and that is exactly what she does.

If you’ve heard her nice voice from SevenRings, you’ll know that Ariana has made it clear, I want it I got it, she has a bunch of cars, there is a white Range Rover worth $ 100,000 for one person, when she’s not sail on Range Rover you can discover her journey around Beverly Hills and a huge Mercedes worth $200,000, G wagon or her $120,000 Mercedes s-class sedan.

She’s also hoarding a $150 K sporty Mercedes SL and an eClass Cabriolet convertible worth pennies by comparison at just 35 K rounding out the impressive car collection is an old school chevy camaro z/28 and a cadillac escalade worth around 15 K and 100 K respectively.


Pets, how many dogs do you think a person traveling non-stop can really take care of, one or two at maximum, true, Ariana Grande currently has nine dogs, ready for their names Coco, Toulouse, Straus, Lafayette, pignoli, Myron, Snape, Lily and there another small one called Piggy Smalls.

Ariana Grande rented a private jet for her dogs and private jets do not come cheap climbing up, to figures of $11,750 dollars per hour in the air.

Luxury Accommodations

So what does our pop star do when she doesn’t wander around the world, hang around in one of the luxurious accommodations of course on the East Coast, and she has the keys to a truly stunning $ 16 million apartment in New York when Pete Davidson was still in the picture that she bought them in June 2018, if you look at one inside, it is easy to see why you found in the vibrant Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea, this huge five-bedroom, four and a half bathroom and informal toilet features a view of the Empire State Building from its huge windows not to mention the private IMAX theater and an indoor pool along 75 feet into the building, most floors are made of Wood or exotic marble, the whole house is covered in elegant beige shades.


We can definitely assume that her massive house has a home gym we know for sure that she spends more than the rest of us on personal trainers, if you are always in the public eye, will you not always want to appear at your best, the singer actually uses the help of a famous personal trainer Specialist, Harley Pasternak, that’s the same person from the body of revenge with Khloe Kardashian by the way if you gets to know him, by hiring an elite personal trainer and fighting the Kardashians to get the weekly time doesn’t come at a cheap price, they charge $ 300 an hour sometimes more, taking in mind that Ariana looks permanent A fit fiddle, it is safe to assume that she spent up to $20 K dollars in carving her body over the years, but hey when you’re always on stage in front of millions of people every week, it is fully justified expenses.


Our favorite singer also reinvents a large portion of her money, and once again goes into her own business, Ariana has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars creating five unique perfumes for fans to buy, let’s check them out real quick there’s thank U next, cloud, ARI, Sweet Like Candy and moonlight.


Speaking of clothes, when she’s not wearing a comfortable track suit, Ariana has a great passion for high fashion, she also has a great love for high boots that are regularly sold for over $1,500 a pair, then there are Gucci boots that go for about $1,790.

she spending a lot of Money on buying jackets, Grand missed only $2,392 on jackets, and we wouldn’t be a little surprised if her portfolio was only about a million dollars lower because of fashion.


Ariana has 44 tattoos and counting scattered from head to toe, and most of her ink has been relatively recent, with at least 29 of those in 2018 and 2019 alone.Getting a neck tattoo always brave, Ariana did, the giant Pokemon on her arm, as well Ariana easily invested more than $ 10,000 in her body art alone.

Considering her savings, employee payments and investments it’s easy to see how this beloved wild child spent $ 100 million dollars.

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