Coronavirus: Canadian borders close to foreign travellers as virus grows; Trump expands flight restrictions

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Saturday morning time cases of Covid-19 rise in Canada, the virus sail in united states, it must to attention on clusters so we are able to stop those transmission chains, Quebec broadcasts a health emergency decreed, ” all elders to stay at home “.

Canadians abroad told to return home ASAP as Donald Trump expands his travel ban to include the UK and Ireland.

A warning for Canadians overseas, the federal government is urging travelers to come home now while commercial flights are still available.

U.S. restrictions on flights from mainland Europe have gone into effect and will now include the UK and Ireland, many countries in Europe are sealing their borders and shuttering businesses and public spaces because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We’ll have more on that in a moment but first the situation here at home across the country at least 240+ people have tested positive for Covid-19, Ontario has 26 new cases as of one today, there are now more than a hundred confirmed cases in that province alone.
British Columbia (BC) has the second highest number of cases with 73.
Three new provinces are reporting cases Saturday :
Prince Edward Island (P.E.I) : 1 case
Newfoundland and Labrador : 1 case
Saskatchewan : 2 cases
Brunswick : 2 cases
Manitoba : 4 cases
Alberta : 39 cases
and the number of cases in Quebec has risen to 24.

Quebec provincial government has adopted a health emergency decree that will be in place for 10 days.

The new coronavirus making for a tough start to March Break but lots of people aren’t staying home, Canadian Citizen said : ” we’re keeping our distance we’re washing hands we have hands anitizer I mean I don’t have my containers of it “.

Friday Ottawa asked Canadians to avoid travel outside the country, a tweet from the Foreign Affairs Minister Saturday took things a step further commending those already abroad come back via commercial means while they are still available.

At news conferences, Saturday many provinces echoed the federal message and in some cases took it further.
in case you tour overseas you can be concern to the measures of different international locations your one week journey may additionally emerge as a lot longer you may additionally have reduced get right of entry to to fine health care “: |Dr.Jennifer Russell|.

Ontario is limiting the volume of test swabs supplied citing an increased demand and in BC, both provinces stressing it’s all about making sure those who really need the test.

Trump travel ban expands

In the U.S, Donald Trump has expanded a travel ban that now includes the United Kingdom and Ireland, there are nearly 2,500+ confirmed cases in America, now the administration is taking measures to check anyone coming in contact with the President and vice-president for symptoms of the respiratory illness.

Trump says he has been tested for the new corona virus (Covid-19 ), the tests came back negative, but as Jennifer Johnson explains many average Americans are still waiting for tests to be made available to them.

” we are the usage of the entire energy of the federal authorities to defeat the virus, they want to get it over with fast and with little or no demise”: |Trump said |.

The president’s ban on travelers from 26 European countries into the u.s went into effect at midnight. Now that list will include the United Kingdom and Ireland as of middle of the night Monday, however it’s individuals remote places who are suffering to get home as airways reduce flights.

Early Saturday morning U.S. House lawmakers overwhelmingly passed a bill providing free Covid-19 tests for all Americans and paid emergency leave for workers sidelined by the pandemic.

Officials say millions of test kits are rapidly being made while more communities roll out drive-by testing sites.

Hospitals are taking extraordinary steps cedars-sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles has set up tents to treat patients in its parking lot, doctors across the u.s. already reporting a shortage of masks protective clothing and other critical items.

The nation’s top health official says they are now mass producing more masks and other equipment for hospitals, but warning vulnerable Americans are still at great risk.

Dr. Anthony Fauci sais ” we will see more cases and we will see more suffering in death “

The United States is becoming increasingly sick by the comprehensive, normally bustling Penn Station in the heart of New York City is now a ghost town, millions of students from kindergarten through college have been directed to stay home, companies telling employees to telework Americans limiting their exposure as the u.s. braces for a surge in cases of this deadly virus.

In the UK the number of deaths doubled in just 24 hours, Spain is seeing a sharp spike and has ordered a 15-day national lockdown, so schools restaurants and bars in that country are closing, the World Health Organization has laid Europe as the new epicenter of the corona virus outbreak, but one of the big headaches in that part of the world is that dozens of countries are all tackling the crisis in different ways.

t the stroke of noon Italians show their appreciation for their health professionals as the lockdown nation deals with a staggering death toll.

Italy so far the worst hit country in Europe, but Spain is following closely behind appearing to be on a similar trajectory, the country will observe a 15 day lockdown with only essential services like pharmacies and grocery stores to stay open. Spanish doctor is pleading with young people to play their part, is that he says while young people may not suffer serious symptoms they can easily pass on the virus to the vulnerable.

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