Daniele Rugani Has Coronavirus, Is That Scary The Public ?

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Italy completely on the quarantine.

You can not believe that one of the Juventus player has tested high quality for the coronavirus, Daniele Rugani introduced Wednesday.
Anyone wishes to a store Cristiano Ronaldo, save Cristiano Ronaldo jr, oops. that is in reality bad information, I actually did no longer think it’d emerge as this sort of massive outbreak so speedy.

A membership statement study: “The footballer who has made seven appearances in all competitions for Juventus this season, Daniele Rugani has tested tremendous for Coronavirus-COVID-19 and is currently asymptomatic.

Juventus football club is currently activating all the isolation strategies required by way of law, which include the ones who have had contact with him.

This really is an issue, UV interplay behind a closed door match just four days ago and today Daniele Rugani who has yet to show any symptoms after blood tests were administered on all of the UV players has shown that he has tested positive.

It’s absolutely crazy, I did not think that it was going to be this bad and it is beyond this bad, I mean Italy is has become ground zero, the cases do not stop, hundreds are dying by the day in Italy and now, one of the players for what is Italy’s most notable team now, maybe or the defending champions than Daniele Rugani, alongside maybe one of the most marketable one of the most profitable one of the highest-paid professionals in all of world football, Cristiano Ronaldo, they could all be infected, and that’s guys that’s freaking scary.

Any UV player, any interplay ER now contracting the coronavirus and it’s so shocking, that’s unbelievable.

Realistically I did think that the players went in there behind closed door matches and they’re behind training sessions with no fans, no extra personnel could contract this, and Daniele Rugani has proved to be an outlier.

Arsenal have to have themselves you know their quarantine, because the Olympiakos owner tested positive, I mean Olympiakos of probably really screwed like this is one of those things were teams upon teams among teams of players could easily contract the coronavirus and not show symptoms for a really really long time and that’s just scary.

Sports activities in Italy had been stoped because of the outbreak, including games in Serie A and preparatory occasions for the Tokyo Olympics, the dicission confirmed .

If you guys are in quarantine Italy, please be safe obviously you know wash your hands, don’t touch your face, don’t do stuff like that.

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