Dietary Approaches To Stop Hypertension

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When it comes to heart disease and stroke high blood pressures a major risk factor but there is actually a diet that could help reduce your risk of that only hypertension but other diseases as well.

It’s very common actually one in three adults does have high blood pressure, and what’s exciting about the DASH diet which stands for Dietary Approaches to stop hypertension.


Whole grains, on the dash diet, the recommendation is six to eleven grains, and those ranges are there depending what calorie level you’re at, so the lower ranges would give you about 1600 calories which is probably average for most women, and the emphasis is to really make a shift from where Americans are right now which is mostly white grains to a whole grain, so this is what an ounce of a whole grain cereal would look like one slice of bread is an ounce of grain, and that’s a half a cup of a whole wheat pasta.
But it’s not your typical serving of pasta or should it be and it doesn’t have to be.

So then the goal is to be in that six to eleven range.
Certainly a breakfast if you have a bowl of cereal at lunch you have two slices of bread, that’s to it dinner you can have another serving of that as well and still stay in that six to eleven range.


Fruits and vegetables, this is probably where most People are really falling it was greens in right and more matters, so a sample one serving of a leafy green, 1/2 a cup of baby carrots, 1/2 a cup of broccoli, 1/2 a cup of green beans, each of those are one serving.

Fruits it would be again a half a cup if it’s something such as berries or if it’s a whole fruit
It would be a medium piece of fruit such as this apple and banana.
When you’re thinking about all of this, it’s important, that why we think of hypertension as something focusing aboutadults. The DASH diet is really a great way to raise an entire family because it’s just very sound eating habits.


Meat, this is where most People are doing fine already, so six ounces of chicken would look like or six ounces of salmon certainly, if you want to have some of those lean proteins at lunch, you can simply think about having about half of meal, and with your sandwich or you know something like half the size the salmon, what’s really great is this offers up a lot of potassium, magnesium and we’re to talk about the calcium part of this because those are the nutrients, that really help with high blood
pressure and they are the ones being called out by the government as most Americans have find very short on.


Low-fat and fat-free dairy, if actually a glass of fat-free milk has less calories in a glass of orange juice, so it’s really easy to stay within your calorie guideline, and the dairy category has a lot of choices, so there’s something really for everybody, but it’s good having a glass of milk.

If you want to have other beverages at mealtime then thinking about changing that out and having some cheese low-fat fat-free cheeses, that’s the equivalent of one serving of cheese. what I have right


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