Foods That Help Fight Cancer

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Great topic to talk about because it’s going to tell you what foods are really, really good for you, that you should include in your diet and that may just help prevent women’s cancers like breast and ovarian cancer .


This has got something called carotenoids, it’s almost like carrot, and anything orange is a great antioxidant, and studies show if you have more than two servings a day you maybe able to reduce your breast cancer risk by seventeen percent ( 70% ) for premenopausal women, and we’re seeing young women today with breast cancer so must start eating more of this food for sure, the orange foods, orange juice .


Green tea better than black tea and naturally better if you can brew your own, but asian women have much less breast cancer than North American women and there’s something in here called polyphenols and as much as half a cup of day maybe able to prevent and reduce the risk by thirty percent ( 30% ).
so these are just good tips we can’t do everything but we can take something back with us.


Coffee is good for you and I don’t talk about decaffeinated because of the process to take it out, I’m talking about the real stuff here, two cups daily can actually cut the reoccurrence of breast cancer for women who are taking tamoxifen by fifty percent ( 50% ), these are studies that are going on today, to enjoy your Joe it’s really really good.


So know what it is fruits and veggies galore but the colors, the colors mean everything, when you’re eating the rainbow you’re usually eating really well, everything from beans is high in fiber. whole grain pasta, nuts, brown rice, lentils, whole grain bread and rolled oats really really good and this
lowers the estrogen before menopause and it actually can absolutely repel the gene damage done by cancer.


Your best sources right now would be salmon fatty fatty fish, canola oil and then walnuts. if you’re gonna pick any nut at all walnuts have the highest omega fatty acids, and all you need is about two ounces which is about this much.
The seeds, we have everything here from flax seeds, chia seeds he’s cute like they bubble up and this is have something called lignans in them and they actually again are associated with reducing the amount of hormone related cancers for postmenopausal women. so these are super and if you’re going to get juice, make sure it’s vitamin D enhance which also plays a role in reduction of cancer.


Apples, red apples only and eat the skin they have more anti-rat the green degree, eat the red with the skin more antioxidants than the green.


Brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, kale, here’s a key don’t boil these, you can saute them you can roast them you can bake them. don’t boil them because they’ll lose a lot of what’s called the sulforaphane which is an antioxidant.

But this is going to blow your mind, Brussels, Brussels nut, Brussels broccoli sprouts, you can buy them in all your supermarkets look you can just garnish one tablespoon has more of these antioxidants than an entire head of broccoli. this is amazing, I think this is number one because it could reduce the occurrence by fifty percent ( 50% ) of cancer.


Onions, get away the white onions, the red onions have sixty percent more antioxidants.


Sardines, mackerel, salmon all of these, fish the high fat high ones.


Tomatoes have something called lycopene again to fight ovarian cancer but better than not you should have it cooked vs fresh .


So I hope you take something away from this today butgeneral you’re going to eat better, you’re going to feel better, you’re going to build your immunity system and you know what who knows you may prevent the reoccurrence or prevent any of these women’s cancers.

just taking care of yourself and being healthy.

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