Americans Did Not Respect The Quarantine – Memorial Day!

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On this memorial day, when the death toll from the coronavirus in the United States of America is close to 100,000, people flock to public places and socialize after months of shelter and quarantine.

Despite all of this, many people do not practice social distancing, and even more so that people converge together without mask or protection, as if they were intentionally contributing to the spread of the powerful new virus.

While the WHO office now warns that we may face a second peak, it is the most dangerous in light of the spread of this virus and they said it is dangerous to assume that the next real dangerous point of chaos will not be discovered until the fall.

Traditionally, on this day, residents go out and raise the US flag from dawn to noon. Many people visit cemeteries and memorials, especially to honor those who died in military service. Many volunteers place an American flag on every grave in national graves.

However, the activities that have taken place on this day exceeded the regular celebrations, where many people choose to hold picnics, sports activities and family gatherings on this day. This day is traditionally seen as the beginning of the summer season for cultural events. As for fashion, wearing white clothes is considered acceptable and distinctive, yet few people wear white clothes.

Things went out of control and people in the United States felt psychological distress and inactivity due to the quarantine caused by the coronavirus, and citizens of the United States of America took advantage of the memorial day to go out to the beaches and enjoy their time despite this critical period of the spread of the coronavirus, the stage upon which they can be predicted either By the disappearance of the coronavirus or its persistence for a longer period.

The thing that sparked talk and controversy about this behavior is that these people never care about what is going on, places are full, there is no safety distance or wearing a face mask or any type of precaution and safety.

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