Such Are The Homes Of The Millionaires

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We all know millionaires spend money on some rather interesting things from purchasing gold toilets to purchasing private zoos, bowling alley in their houses, there are a lot of ways the wealthy like to flex their fortune by.

There are some things that can only be found in the homes of billionaires around the world.

1.Heated Floors & Driveways

In the winter season, there is not a pleasant experience, there’s nothing enjoyable about jumping out of bed and landing on an ice-cold floor, there’s really nothing enjoyable about heading to your car and having to shovel snow and ice out of the driveway.

Luckily the rich didn’t have to worry about that, there are some rich’s house has heated floors and heated driveway, they’re capable of melting two inches of snow an hour which means extra sleep after that snowstorm and smooth sailing out of your driveway in the morning.

2. Spa, Movie Theater And Leather Floors

Houses with more than one impressive feature, houses has really maxed out, its million-dollar features and they’re on full display in the private house movie theater, the plush theater chairs look out over a glass wall with a large beautiful waterfall feature, but when it’s time for the actual film a wall with a screen pops from the ceiling and covers the window, there’s more play than just theaters, however there’s an entire steam room isola and a massage room presumably feel personal massage therapiste, when it’s time to play there’s an office with high quality leather floors.

3. Large Garages

There are many things that millionaires love, and cars are generally one of them, the problem with owning a ton of vehicles is finding a place to store them and of course with money it’s a lot easier to find luxurious solutions.

There are many rich’s home with a rather deceptive garage upon entering, you’ll find yourself on a car elevator where you can descend into a full car lair with enough space to put dozens of vehicles, it sounds like something that only exists in dream, but it’s a lot more common among the wealthy than you might expect, there are dozens of homes in California with car elevators, on top of that, there are hundreds of homes all over the world with 10-25 even 50 car garages. just ask the Sultan of Brunei.

4. Dinosaur Fossil / History

Money caN buy you luxury, it can buy you servants, it can even buy elections, but one thing people often forget, is that it can buy you valuable pieces of history, maybe you really enjoy French history, then you can buy a home with flooring, that was once in Napoleon’s house like Jeff Bezos recently did, perhaps you can have a little more nerd and pop culture in you, and you really like Jurassic Park, in that case you can buy a 150 million year-old Allosaurus skeleton and display it in your entryway, if you have 1.5 million dollars to purchase at that is, again this is something a lot more common than you might think though, it is incredibly controversial, there are wealthy fossil collectors all over the world making their homes look like something out of Animal Crossing.

5. Game Rooms

If you’re wealthy, you can afford to have that experience whenever you want by putting in arcade in your house, houses with a real arcade a 6,000 foot space decorated with black walls and neon light fixtures, there’s skee-ball, basketball games, 4d ride simulators, pinball machines, air hockey tables and even claw machines, there’s also lane bowling alley and a full golf simulator.

6. Solid Gold Bathrooms

When it comes to the homes and habits of the wealthy gold, seems to be a priority.

There are millionaires who have gold teath, that has been coated in gold paint naturally, there are homes with gold coated pools and gold motocycles in their garage.

7. Shark Tank / Extravagant Pets

What socioeconomic status occupation or political belief, we can all agree that pets are wonderful, there are some who have pets a little more extravagant than the good old Rex, some rich’s home which has a million-dollar shark tank inside, the tank doubles as a meditation space with a live wall coated in moisture thriving plants, and platforms that allow you to step outside over the sharks and stingrays below.

8. Water Parks

Almost every million-dollar home has a pool, it’s pretty much a given when you have a home with any luxury features, but some millionaires take it to the extreme like this :


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