Why This’s The Only Best Job in 2020 ??

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Today we’re gonna talk about the number one best job in America for 2020 and no surprise here, it’s software development.

So just a few days ago the US News and World Report released their annual survey of the top 100 jobs in America and the number one job they ranked as : software developer software developer .
No surprise if when you start thinking about it, now what’s really cool about software developer it’s been number one for the past three years, The Number two is a dentists, The number three would be a physician’s assistant. But let’s talk about why they ranked software development is the number one job ? and I want to tell you some more things about how you would break in and also like well I think it’s the best job and why in 2020 .
If you’re going to start a learning journey, there’s no better year than this year.

The US News and World Report puts out their annual list of the top 100 jobs in America. and for three years running and has been software developer, but you may ask yourself sure
why is it that number one job?
what makes it the best job ?

Of course you’re gonna say that, you’re on a bootcamp and that’s true but we didn’t write this article. These people created this list and they rank them by some key metrics.

what are the metrics that they used to do this ?

Median salary .

They did a study and the median salary for software developers is a hundred thousand, and that is a very high salary when you compare that to other types of positions in America.

Unemployment rate .

Unemployment rate and for software developers that was one point six percent (1.6%) ,yes that’s not sixteen percent that’s one point six percent and that is really really low. Which means that if you have the necessary skills and you’re in the u.s. you’re going to be employed.

The number of predicted openings in 2020 in America.

That came back at two hundred and forty one thousand five hundred new jobs in 2020, that means that there is not nearly enough computer science degrees, boot camp graduates, people getting out of you Dimity to take all of these jobs. And so that means if you’re looking at starting your learning journey this year or you’re just entering the market, it should give you a lot of hope that if you have the necessary skills to be a software developer that you will find work and it will be very profitable in this industry.

But there’s some other hidden ones that I think that make this job even stronger that’s not in the article, and I thought I would bring those up to you next.

So one of the key factors that I think is not apparent in the report is

The lower barrier to entry to being a software developer .

So if you look at like dentist and physician’s assistant, you can see that that’s gonna take seven to eight years of study you need a doctorate or you need some kind of master’s, you need a residency, there’s a lot of things that have to happen before you can take that job.
With software develop mirth that is a little bit different literally . Now we can go to 12-week bootcamp and then three months later I can take a job as a software developer.
You can use an online course, you can go to a boot camp or you can go to a two-year college it doesn’t take 8 years to break in, and I think that should encourage you if you’re trying to career switch or you’re trying to look for fulfilling career.
Make 2020 your year to learn how to code and there’s never been a better time to do it than now.

So you may ask yourself the question : is the job really great ? why is it so great ? I mean we know it’s right number one, you can make money, but why is the job so great ?
Well I do think that there’s a long term career viability in that sets it apart from a lot of other professions. the amount of information, the amount of services, the amount of things that are being built right now will increasingly create more and more demand for software developers.
So you’re always going to be in demand, this puts to a point that I talk about, all the time is that software development is the economic mobilizer of our time, which means that you can make an above-average salary and that’s one way that it that you can make more money than you can in other professions.

Mobility .

It goes further than that, you also can work in practically any industry. if you’re a dentist you’re gonna always be a dentist, if your software developer you may be working at a logistics company, you may be working for healthcare or you may be working for a social media giant, and you can see how you’re software development skills could translate to multiple industries which can be rewarding, fulfilling and very interesting as you want if your interest changes you can change your job but you’re still doing coding but you’re just doing that say you know an entertainment factory or something else like that. So you can move around in many job sector.

if you add a bad company or you have a bad boss, you can simply quit because you can go back and look at that 1.6 unemployment rate and especially if you’re committed to your craft, you can simply quit and find
a job that better suits you maybe the culture is a better fit for you or maybe the boss it has mean or you have better work/life balance.

All of those things can you put it together makes this, the number one job that you can possibly get into.

So to sum this up why is software development the number one job in America. well we can look at obviously the salary, the low unemployment and all the things that we mentioned like the building for you to work in any industry, you want it’s very rewarding and seemingly the endless amount of jobs are going to be available in the future and so when you think about your prospects, the things that you can achieve, the way you can go, there is no other job like it, if you’re a dentist you’re always a dentist as a software developer you can work in any industry you want.
Take advantage of being a software developer in 2020.

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