Do You Believe ? .. 7 Most Influential And Powerful Political Leaders In The World

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It takes a well-run political party in addition to politics in general for the state to function effectively now, not all politicians or political leaders are what effective leaders are, but some have been shown to have far more power and influence than others.

In this article we’re talking about the most powerful political leaders in the world, some of you who be from the countries where these leaders are from, some of you may not be but you need to be inspired from these leaders and their actions.

1. Angela Merkel – Germany

Angela Merkel works as a consultant for Germany and is also known by some as the most powerful woman in the world with a doctorate in quantum chemistry, worked as a middle-aged scientist and also worked as an assistant spokesperson for the first German democratic government for its strong and daring initiatives.

2. Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud – Saudi Arabia

Salman bin Abdulaziz al-saud is the king and absolute monarch of Saudi Arabia, he serves as a head of state and the head of the government, he also leads the Royal Saudi family which is the House of Saud and the king is also called the custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, now he’s been influential for quite some time because someone is often a mediator in settling conflicts amongst the royal family as well as the extended.

Salman has a lot of influence and a lot of power not just in the Arab world, but his influence extends worldwide.

3. Emmanuel Macron – France

Emmanuel Macron having a Bachelor in philosophy and a master’s of Public Affairs, he managed to become the president of France at a very young age, just 39 years old, in the earlier days he served as a senior civil servant and later after that as an investment banker.

Macron he’s a very talented person who secured a spot on the top most powerful political leaders in the world at a very young age, he’s very well-spoken as well and you can see that he’s super focus in the task ahead of him.

4. Theresa May – United Kingdom

Theresa May is the leader of the Conservative Party and also serves as a prime minister of the UK, earlier she had the position of Home Secretary and she has a pride of serving as the longest Home Secretary in British history.

Another accomplishment for her is that she’s also the second female to become Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, of course Margaret Thatcher served as the first female of the United Kingdom, being a bold lady of course she has made many of her fellow politicians look up to her and they view her as a role model.

5. Vladimir Putin – Russia

Putin has been serving as their president of Russia since year 2012 and he also served as the Prime Minister of Russia before, people agree that he’s one of the strongest people in the world when it comes to politics, because of his untiring work and incredible popularity he ranks so high, plus it’s estimated that his net worth is in the tens of billions of dollars, not many people are aware of that.

6. Xi Jinping – China

Xi Jinping is a serving president of China and the world’s second most powerful political leader, he also leaves a Communist Party of China and recently he was declared as the paramount leader of China for life by his party members, he became most popular when he took necessary measures to stop corruption which was widely accepted and welcomed by many people in and around the world, also gotta give him big respects to how he turned his country around in battling this new Covid-19 outbreak, they build those two hospitals in like a week, all under his leadership.

Xi Jinping clearly knows what he’s doing so yeah his hard work and dedication has made him reach this position.

7. Donald Trump – United States

Everybody’s trying to be like the United States of America, everybody is trying to live that American dream, now from being a famous television show host as well as known in the world of real estate as being such a ty-coon, he reached the height of being the president of America in style like rich style.

Trump is the richest and oldest president elected in the American history and he also is very popular among Americans, Indians as well as other countries.

Many people may not necessarily agree with his politics even Americans, a lot of people don’t like Trump, but there’s no doubt that people are just waiting for him to open his mouth for a good laugh at least.

There’s an entertainment factor when it comes to him but with that aside even during his presidency the United States continues to be a leader in the world, and that makes him the most powerful political leader in the entire world.

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