PS5: Did They Show Some ?

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Sony is taking risks and gambling by keeping calm about the PlayStation 5 as there is still a lot that we do not know about the console, and this strategy has succeeded or will lead to the loss of console wars.
Only time will tell us one thing for sure, which is that Sony is playing with fire.

We are very surprised by the lack of information Sony released about PlayStation 5, making sure that their first way to a PS5 event in mid-March where they talked about console devices but Sony did not reveal the console or talk about any games on the system, which were very disappointing .

Sony announced and revealed the amazing dual transmission controller after a few weeks, and it is rumored that it will reveal the console design on June 2, but all rumors remain, Sony has revealed several things for no comparison with Microsoft in spite of its poor reception from the next generation games, Microsoft has told us everything about the Xbox series X in return that the only thing we know about the PS 5 is its logo.

Microsoft revealed the specs controller and design of the Xbox Series X months earlier than Sony which begs the question, what exactly is Sony up to ?

It seems that both Sony and Microsoft appear to be in a state of stagnation and stability, and it seems that both companies are waiting for the first movement of their competitor to see who will do the first step, and the next step may carry the price of the console.
Initially both controllers were expected to cost around $ 500 USD, but things changed dramatically as industry analyst Michael Pachter recently made some comments expecting that the Xbox Series X is very likely to be priced $ 400.

Actually, $ 100 is less than the expected price for the PS 5, which could be a big win for Microsoft in a price battle between the two companies regarding the console, if Sony faced any pressure and announced that the PS5 would cost $ 500 before Microsoft revealed Xbox Series X price, this could open the door for Microsoft to shock the world and reduce the price by $ 100 compared to the PS 5, of course they will do so only if it is profitable for the company, and based on this analysis it is possible that Pachter’s assumption may be correct, and it is clear that Microsoft It is ready to sell Xbox Series X for $ 400, and it will definitely impact On PS5 sales, of course this would be in the best interest of those with financial hardship to make the switch to Xbox.

If Xbox Series X is stronger than PS 5 and at the same time $ 100 cheaper, then why buy a PS5? It doesn’t make sense right now, does Sony seem to be resting on their laurels and hoping their players will be very invested in the PlayStation ecosystem to leave which is a gamble that may not pay off.

If Xbox Series X is stronger than PS 5 and at the same time $ 100 cheaper, then why buy a PS5? It doesn’t make sense right now, does Sony seem to be resting on its laurels and hoping their players will be very invested in the PlayStation ecosystem to leave which is a risk that might not pay off.

We totally expect Sony to do the same and make the PS4 games upgradeable to PS5 for free, but they almost didn’t make it clear which might cause some uninformed gamers to switch to the Xbox series X and just as it stands to reason Microsoft has also announced that the Xbox series X is backward compatible with Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox one games.

On the other hand, the PS5 is only backward compatible with ps4 games, we hope Sony will reveal that the PS5 is backward compatible with ps1, ps2, ps3 and ps4 games.

All of these reasons may be enough for gamers to jump ship to Xbox series X, but exclusive games could change everything.

Let’s take a look at the next generation games owned by Microsoft, it was considered disappointing because it showed that there will not be a big jump between this generation in the next generation, while the games will work more smoothly and look better but they did not improve significantly, so therefore Sony is likely to bomb Microsoft with the disclosure of a big game, we doubt that Last of Us II will be the game that Sony wins in console wars since it was developed for ps4 and not ps 5, it seems that Uncharted 5 is many years away, we know God of War II is eventually coming but it is unlikely to release at launch.

The second, Spider-Man game is likely to be more but don’t expect again to see it at launch as the 2021 version is rumored.

If we had to choose one game that would give Sony an advantage when launching its horizon zero dawn II, there are rumors that the series will become trilogy but we know that it will get a sequel at least, the game looked absolutely great on the PS4 and was easily one of the best games on the system, so the The sequel can wow our minds with a certainty on the PS5, and it could be a surprisingly surprising launch title, and it’s also possible that Sony is working on a new technology like the PS br-2 and it will combine the VR headset package with the console.

This package will be very expensive but it will allow Sony to focus on something Microsoft has never bothered about, Virtual Reality, VR players love a new headphone designed specifically for the more powerful PS5, another possibility is that Sony might try to make the game shared on PS 5 And Xbox Series X works better on their console, while Xbox Series X outperforms raw power on the PS5 solid state drive more impressive, if download times on PS5 are much shorter than games in the Xbox series, players may prefer PS5 for non-exclusive games that represent the majority of the games that you wish Sony Corporation a great victory.

Whatever the case, Sony takes risk and gamble by keeping the mum on the PS 5, gambling that may eventually be lost to console wars unless there is a major revelation in action.


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