PS5: Correct price & Features leaks

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With rumors heating up about the playstation 5 since the GDC evented mid-march the price of the console may have just been leaked, we may have stumbled upon the price of the next-gen console and it could be surprisingly cheap, let’s take a look at how much the console might set you back.

According to reports Canadian retailer play in trade Vancouver Island has started taking pre-orders for the PS 5, how much of these pre-orders ?

So, just around $559.99 Canadian which converts to roughly $396 u.s., that would be one heck of a bargain and honestly it sounds a little too good, pretty much every single rumor before this leak came out made it clear that the PS 5 would be no cheaper than $500 u.s. and now it could only be 400 bucks, that’s absolutely shocking, the thing is there’s most likely a very logical reason why they’re charging so little for PS 5 pre-orders, it could all just be a simple precaution by play and trade Vancouver Island, it’s possible that they simply don’t know the price that PS 5 yet and will make their buyers pay the difference once the console is actually released, this means that the price of the console could very well be higher than what they’re asking for upfront, that money would essentially reserved a PS5 for you, but you’ll still have to pay the difference to bring it home.

At the other side of things as well, maybe just maybe this actually is the price of the PS-5, did you see all the tech the Xbox series X is packing, that’s going to be one beefy machine, it definitely has the PS-5 beat in terms of raw power, and has more impressive specs other than the SSD, so that means it might cost more to produce than the PS-5, it’s simple more powerful parts, means a more expensive console, if it costs more to produce and it will most likely sell for more as well.

Rumor has it that the Xbox Series X will sell for $500 u.s. the same rumored price of the PS-5 before we found out about this leak, if this PS-5 price leak is true and the rumored price of the Xbox Series X is the actual price, this could be a huge win for Sony by making their PS-5 undercut the price the Xbox Series X by $100 it could be a huge win for Sony, and may very well allow them to come out on top and the console wars once again, more gamers have PS-4 than Xbox once, so more of them are invested in Sony’s gaming ecosystem than Microsoft’s.

Making the PS-5 cheaper than the Xbox series X would only allow Sony to increase the gap between them and their rival.

Before this week reports suggested that each PS-5 console cost Sony about $450 u.s. to make, if that’s the case then surely there’s no way, they’re going to be releasing the console for $400 and lose 50 bucks on each one they sell, now you’re probably thinking that Sony would eventually make their money back in PS-Plus and PS now subscriptions alone, but don’t be so sure, of course Sony may make the money back depending on how many PS-5 consoles are sold, but there’s a good chance they don’t, if the PS-5 costs 450 bucks to produce and is sold for $400, that means that if the PS-5 reaches a hundred and eight point nine million (108.9 Million) units sold like the PS-4 did, it’ll lose Sony nearly five and a half billion dollars ( $5.5 Billion), that big which is why we’re still firm believers at the price of the PS-5 is going to be closer to $500 dollars than $400.

All people hope the leak is true a $400 PS-5 would be amazing, but these are all rumors, we honestly have no idea how much the PS-5 costs right now.

All know there are plenty of websites out there falsely stating that you could preorder the PS-5 through them, it’s very important to do your research and make sure the seller is reputable before going through with anything, if it’s a popular game store or a reputable seller you could confidently go through them to get your hands on a PlayStation 5, the main thing you need to figure out is if the down payment is refundable, if you decide second thought I don’t want a pre-order at PS-5 then you should be able to get all your money back, that’s what a customer first reputable seller would do, if the down payment is non-refundable and around the $500 u.s. mark, that’s very sketchy and might indicate an unreliable seller ready to steal your money.

Something as simple as a quick Google search will help you figure out which sellers are reputable and which ones are not, it’s best to take your time and make sure things are done right, because the last thing you need to do is lose $500 and maybe even more all due to the fact that you wanted to preorder a PS-5.

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