PS5: Their Strategy !

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A little more than six months until the release and launch of the big event for the PS 5, Sony still maintains and guarded heavily the console that we haven’t seen the final design yet, and even the main list they did not show us, the secret nature adopted by Sony seems to be a big event It will appear, but Sony leaves everything mysterious until now.

There are millions of people, especially gamers, expecting the release of the PS5. We know all the details about when Sony will release the news, so why would you have to buy a specific magazine and how could new patents change our expectations for the console ?
At the beginning of June,gamers around the world were ready to try out the big E3 gaming conference just to see the event canceled.
Unfortunately if you were expecting some big news during the E3 from Sony, that wouldn’t happen anyway, sony wasn’t scheduled to attend the event but the company plans on taking advantage of the key dates.

The latest rumors refer to the 4th of June as Sony’s massive announcement PS 5 days after months with little information, we’ll dive into almost everything we need to know.

June is usually reserved for other consoles and third-party developers, but the E3 cancellation gives Sony an open forum and digital platform to make the PS 5 shine, if true then the PS 5 will steal all gaming titles that have a lot of focus on their new console Providing players with noise and pre-order options to help Coast during the summer months and early June appears to be the perfect timing for Sony.
The biggest teaser we’ve got so far is the new dual console that debuted online and got over 4 million likes on Instagram alone.

Now with the cancellation of the E3, Sony will benefit from its online presence and give us all the information we need. But does the strategy work?

Over the past few months, Microsoft has unveiled novels of Xbox series business that showcasing console design and stirring up a host of new games.

While you can learn more about Xbox, the PS 5 is the console that gets all the fame at the moment so even if Microsoft plans to reveal more for May by June, the court will open up to Sony to take advantage and get all the momentum back to the PS 5.

Sony was preparing to push the bullet, a smart move, especially with the presence of a lot of ps4 games that are still on the radar, and a lot of noise and marketing has been integrated into the final version of Final Fantasy 7 with strong titles such as Last of Us Part Two so Microsoft was in the lead In the new console information, Sony had a strict balancing act in promoting new PS4 titles while postponing PS5 news and announcements.

 The last thing the company wants is to deal with gamers who are late buying new games and waiting for the PS5 release a few days before the big PS5 revelations, players may get more details and screenshots with the official PlayStation Magazine release.

In the digital age, we’re going to browse through a magazine looking for the next-generation console details that remind us of those fascinating days for games when the Game Informer magazine appears in the mailbox.

Sony has already announced that the June 2 edition will be entirely dedicated to the PS 5 and everything the console has to offer to focus heavily on the magazine will be the upcoming games for the PS5 which will eventually end up giving the console leverage over all of its competitors and launch titles will definitely help create the buzz .

The most complete spider-man sequel with better graphics and a bigger world to explore The spider-man sequel will instantly become a must-have game on the PS5, the game may not be available when the noise around it will help drive console sales and give some graphical updates to the original Spider-Man.

Sony also has exclusive access to franchises such as Gran Turismo and Unharted 2, franchises that will undoubtedly be part of the PS5.

June’s rumors also rumored to include a number of third-party developer games, such as how Nintendo is building noise with Nintendo Direct’s PS5 digital feeds that will highlight the growing library of upcoming games and give players a lot to look forward to in the coming months along with specs Complete control unit and hardware details Sony may also reveal one of its recently patented features, a spoiler blocker.

Players can enjoy the games without knowing the available future rewards and communicate with other players by seeing the main spoilers and game ends, the built-in program feature will keep social connections alive so that players do not avoid interactions in an attempt to get away from the main game spoilers, if anything when it comes to Sony expects the unexpected.

The company has launched extraordinary marketing strategies over the years and is still able to achieve a lot of success alongside a loyal fan base, remember the early days or some commercials that can give you nightmares or even recent ps4 ads where hearts in blue blood appeared inside a group of ps4 controllers They made us talk for sure and we can’t wait to see the approach with the PS5 especially all the ways in which the dual transmission console can be transformed into memorable video ads, in both cases June will be one of the biggest months for the PS5 and like any other news and rumors that take this the Always a theory because Sony can change its mind at any moment.

We’re ready to see the full console, and while we may not get a hands-on preview for a long time, we’d like to have a ton of digital content to digest and enjoy for the next six months, if Sony also started pre-sales in June, they could boost momentum in the holiday season and make the PS5 One of their biggest releases so far.

Does the June date make sense ? we think so especially with the launch of the PlayStation Magazine PS5 edition.

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