Top 5 Scary Hidden Temples Names

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You can be proud of your visit to places you will never forget, but now you will take a look at some incredibly famous places all over the world. These places are temples known as buildings designated for worship or are considered a place of deity or gods or other things of religious reverence that seem Beautiful magical experiences Cultural enlightenment is usually found in places like this.

I will introduce you to some of the most terrifying and terrifying temples that exist on this planet today.

5 . DongYue Temple

DongYue Temple dates back to 1319, and is one of the largest zodiac temples in Beijing. It is also one of the most dreadful places of the Beijing Folklore Museum, which opened in 1999 and revives a number of traditions throughout Chinese culture, festivals and demonstrations that take place throughout the year.

There’s a lot of grace going on in this temple and museum. All this grace is a good thing because the temple also shows you exactly what happens to you if you don’t act, DongYue is responsible for overseeing all the 18 layers of Hell and the 76 departments within it, all Very bureaucratic, for example, there is a department inside The temple is called the Department of compassion and empathy is full of small clay statues lined up waiting for their appeal with that there is also a section implementation of 15 different kind of death.

4 . Huashan TeaHouse

Huashan TeaHouse in China is quite terrifying for a completely different reason contrary to the popular saying among people that access to this temple is definitely fun, the temple is visited by about a hundred people every year, the temple is at the top and a path to it begins with some steep stairs and broken boards that are Fastened without safety barriers and there are only chains to stick to, in some places there are no panels even, it is best to be prepared to make your way through a narrow iron preventing or using chains to climb a transparent slope using anything but paths engraved in the side of a rock.

What is the important thing on the top of the mountain of death that deserves to risk your life, strange and funny that you might ask for a cup of tea.

3 . Snake Pagoda / Hmwe Paya

The official name is YADANA LABAMUNI HSU-TAUNGPYE Paya and it is a long name even though it has other names: “Hmwe Paya” or “Snake Pagoda”, called the Snake Temple for a good reason The temple itself dates back to 1974. The temple was sponsored by a Buddhist monk and one day the monk found Two large snakes wrapped around the Buddha statue, and tried several times to keep them away from the temple but the snakes returned to the temple, the monks stopped removing the snakes and instead began to take care of them. According to folklore, from that date all of this became very sacred, and every year thousands of believers make pilgrimages to the temple.

2 . Goa Lawah Temple

Goa Lawah is a horrific and strange temple because all the sound emitted from this cave is the sound of thousands of small bats and is also the site of the Hindu temple that was built in the eleventh century.
According to this legend, the cave that was never fully explored was once the prince’s hiding place, and if you believe in legends, bats are not the only disturbing resident of the cave, as it is also rumored to be the hometown of the Hindu Mizuki snake, the snake that appears in The company of Shiva, who is rumored to be guarding the deep healing waters inside the cave, when he feels hungry he will go out and eat some bats.

1 . Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot Indonesia is perhaps one of the most beautiful sites for a Hindu shrine as long as you do not mind snakes, they are not just ordinary snakes, these sea snakes are the deadliest that were found for the first time by Hindu wandering, the sea temple was built on the rocks in island of Bali in Indonesia, The local king was incredibly jealous and the king wanted to get rid of the preacher so he sent orders that he had to leave the island and the temple.

 When the preacher could not withstand the kings he left the temple but asked the huge snakes to protect the temple during his departure, and surely the snakes are still there protecting the temple and can kill anyone who approached there and happened to see it.

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