Trends You May Have Missed About Technologies That Will Change The World In The Next Decade

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2019 has seen some incredible growth in technology, there has been a huge rise in tech innovations within the fields of AI , machine learning, blockchain and cybersecurity among others such a monumental rice has created how for more innovations.
So here are the few technologies that you simply should look out for in 2020.

Some of the new technology trends I’am really excited about :

I’am seeing advancements in AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) and big Data. It’s going to inpact every industry on the planet, so there won’t be one industry that isn’t touched, You know there’ll be Robots, Smart IOT devices, there’ll be Algorithms powering everything.
Big jobs will be displaces, all of our econimy will change, due to AI and big data.


Other technologies which are really interesting are the CRIPSR/Cas9 gene editing software. For 99 dollars you can buy a gene editing kit and in your home, you can start creating new species of plants and animals, it’s crazy, and people are doing this! Tehy’re like injecting themselves with genes that will make their muscles grow faster.

Is this legal ? Not really, but they’re experimenting on themselves.
So in many country we see this huge explosion in the whole gene editing, genomics field.


Brain Computer Interfaces, this is where you can put a small device on your head, and it can actually read your brain waves, and they are developing right now this technology, so the peolpe in the future will be able to connnect their brain directly to the internet.

Like even today you can do simply commands like you can tell a light to turn on and off just by thinking about it. You can control a drone, you know, flying up and down. You can do very basic commands.

In the future where we are headed is someday people won’t have a smartphone, they won’t. They will just think and it will happen, and all thei data, their newsfeeds, their social networks, their messaging, will be controlled just by their thoughts. It will be integrated into their mind.

These are some of the great areas of technology that are on the cutting edge, and we will see them dramatically change our lives and the businesses in the coming decade.

What we can do to help solve some of the biggest problems out there in society:
Climate change, homeless, hunger around the world, war, different things like that. All of these can be addressed in different new ways through emerging technologies and the creativeness and inventiveness of entrepreneurs.

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