10 Most Terrifying Bridges You Can’t To Cross

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High bridges are an opportunity to discover loose and beautiful scenes, and at the same time they threaten to take people’s lives, as some bridges are considered one of the most important causes of life loss.

Here we look at 12 bridges that would turn anyone’s legs to jelly don’t look down.

10 . Ghasa – Nepal

Ghasa bridge or the swinging bridge of Ghasa, this name is because this bridge sways precariously, it is a highly dangerous bridge, situated in Ghasa Village, Nepal, the bridge is fragile and althought it is crossed by locals visitors and cattle in a large number, is said to have been built to ease congestion across other bridges and is used daily by locals driving their animals across it which makes the idea of traffic hight dangerous.

9 . Royal Gorge Bridge – Colorado

The Royal Gorges Bridge is the highest bridge in the world until 2001, and also considered the most dangerous bridge, was built in 1929 for 350 thousand dollars, the bridge is 384 meters and 1,260 feet across the wonderful Royal Gorges in Colorado, there is the Arkansas River below Directly.
Although this bridge is terrible and frightening, it is a destination for many visitors to enjoy and spend the best times with stunning views there.
In addition, there is an air gondola to take you to the other side if you are afraid to walk over the bridge.

8 . Titlis Cliff Walk – Switzerland

Titlis cliff is considered one of the highest and dangerous bridges as the area is rugged. If you want to cross this bridge you will first need to climb Mount Titlis to reach the bridge at the top, then you will walk through the ice cave through an underground tunnel to reach the bridge. The bridge is 100 meters long 330 feet, but 1 meter wide 3.3 feet.
You can enjoy the wonderful views there if you are able to accept the risk.

7 . Puente De Ojuela – Mexico

As the roads are difficult to walk in Mexico, what do you think about the bridges in it, the bridges of Mexico are terrifying, the length of Puente De Ojuela bridge is about 300 meters 1000 feet and its height is about 100 meters 327 feet above a valley.
 The bridge is only 0.6 meters wide. Puente De Ojuela is now used only by infantry, but it was used to transport goods. In the past, the bridge was built in 1898 and was used to transport gold and silver taken from local mines and bring in supplies.
You can walk in two different directions across the bridge, so you may find yourself scrambling while walking, if you are brave enough to cross the bridge, you will be able to visit the Ghost Town Museum and one of the abandoned mines.

6 . Coiling Dragon Path

If you are afraid of the heights, you will find that this walkway will terrify you by looking at the pictures in front of you now, and I am sure that most people will not be able to walk over this path just like me, that you must walk 1500 air meters to reach the end of the bridge and this will make you a hero To walk on highlands and bridges.
Coiling dragon path made of pure glass, where you can see everything at the bottom, and this scares people. In addition, everyone who crosses this bridge wears gloves for the legs in order not to break the glass floor.

5 . Qeswachaka Bridge – Peru

Qeswachaka Bridge, the bridge that you will not be comfortable or can pass over it due to its design method, this bridge was built on the way the great Inca across the Andes, and it is the best remaining example of this type of bridges that is built by linking strings of long grass to each other as well as fastened well with tree trunks Eucalyptus.
Crossing this bridge is not only an ordinary experience, but it is an enjoyable experience. You can see the loose nature and the good view of the river beneath the bridge. The bridge needs to be built every time because it is a very dangerous task to cross this bridge. Therefore, it is considered one of the dangerous bridges in the world.

4 . Kuandinsky Bridge – Russia

One of the most dangerous bridges in the world because it is small and 6 feet wide with no barriers or safety features for life-saving, in addition to that this bridge is crossed by drivers with big buses that would ruin the bridge and cause chaos and could drown in the frozen waters there.
You must have steel nerves and have a heart that knows no fear of driving along this dangerous bridge. The old metal structure is covered with wooden panels that can be slippery due to the heavy snow and ice, and this bridge was originally built in the place of the main railway line in the past.

3 . Hongyagu Bridge – China

Hongyagu Bridge that opened at the end of 2017, this bridge length 488 meters 1601 feet with a height of 220 meters 722 feet and is a bridge designed for enough for most people, the bridge has a glass floor so that users can enjoy a wonderful view of the valley below them and deceive Their minds to believe that there is nothing hindering them as if they were not present, as the thickness of the glass panels is 4 cm 1.6 inches which cannot be broken.
Hongyagu Bridge is able to accommodate 2000 people at one time but only 600 people are allowed to walk on it only in case visitors have to wear shoe gloves to protect the glass from scratching or breakage.

2 . Hussaini Hanging Bridge – Pakistan

Hussaini Bridge is one of the weakest bridges, because the method of builds it, or even the materials that make up it, is bad.
The first bridge, i mean the first version was a scary bridge, destroyed by the weather, the bridge was made of ropes and panels, and there were continuous icy winds blowing – which made the bridge swing violently and broke, and at least ten people died while crossing the bridge.
If there is any slight fluctuation of this bridge due to the winds, it can fall over the bridge and drown in the river below.

1 . Eshima Ohashi Bridge – japan

Eshima Ohashi Bridge located in western Japan The Ashima Ohashi Bridge looks more like a snake than the road, this bridge is a highway, the bridge is 1.4 kilometers long and 11.3 meters wide and the bridge is about 144 feet high enough to allow ships to pass under it easily and is the largest bridge in Japan.
If you ride into this bridge, be sure to prepare for vomiting and nausea, and this is what makes driving on this bridge disgusting.

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