The Most Expensive Ferrari’s Ever Made At Any Age

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There’s something out-of-this-world about melting into the elegant interior of a Ferrari, that sets off a rollercoaster of emotions, granted these emotions might vary depending upon how rich you are, for even the most wealthy still have mixed feelings when it comes to purchasing a Ferrari, because truth to be told they are expensive, and there’s no denying that these particular models are solely for those who money is an object to play with.
Ferraris are worth more than the mega classic mansions we see in Hollywood, and you have to be audaciously wealthy and daring to splash the amount of money for some of the Ferraris.

So let’s take a look at some of the most eye watering models whose price tags move daringly into the multi-millions of dollars.


Ferrari 250gt swb California ( $15 Million ), there are very few post-war automobiles that can command such attention in delirium when placed on auction like the Ferrari 250gt swp California.

Well if you’re one of the only 56 models made by Ferrari, what else would you expect, this lovely piece of engineering marvel was first manufactured in 1961, with only 16 of the 56 units crafted with open headlights, and That’s not all.

It was once the car of the elegant French actor Alain Delon, during his peak as one of the most handsome and influential male superstars in Europe, this particular beauty owned by Delon was actually discovered a few years back in a bomd and its current market price is worth a staggering fifteen million dollars ( $15 Million ).


Ferrari 250 testa Rossa ( $16.4 Million ) , at the height of its power when the word Ferrari was whispered on the lips of every racing enthusiast, throngs would flock in awe to view the spectacular Ferrari 250 testa Rossa, her timeless beauty glistened ceremoniously as she raced past the masses to inevitably clinch, Ferrari numerous titles indeed she was well known across the racing circuits of North and South America, granted she may have aged, but boy that she aged gracefully, value did well over 16 million dollars ( $16.4 Million ).

The Testa rossa is a testament that old is truly gold, this spectacle of engineering genius was first introduced to the Ferrari fold during the golden era of racing in the late 1950s, and with more than 10 majors sports car championships under her belt, it’s no wonder grown men are obsessed with the Testa rossa and would spend millions of dollars just to call her their own.


Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta tre posti speciale ( $23.5 Million ), the enigmatic Luigi Chinetti jr. has admitted that unlike other Ferrari models, his family engineered for dominating races.

The Berlinetta tre posti speciale was an expression of art, crafted more like a sculpture of elegance rather than a machine for dominating races.

It’s no surprise that there are only two of its kind on the entire planet, it’s aesthetics way is not the only characteristic that captures your attention, fitted with a Ferrari V-12 MID-ENGINE chassis with an aluminum body.
The tre posti is no doubt the strongest Ferrari in the world, unlike most of its Ferrari contemporaries.

The tre posti is the only model to have a THREE-SEATER DESIGN which is a marvel in itself considering how tough it was for the stubborn and proud Enzo to veer too far from his classic two-seater design.

So either he must have been possessed or extremely inspired either way, this is one particular must-have model for any Ferrari lover, just be prepared to part with a whopping twenty three point five million dollars ( $23.5 Million ).


The Ferrari 290 mm scaglietti Spyder ( $28 Million ), with only four units of this precious model ever being made, it’s no surprise that the 1956 ferrari 290 mm scaglietti Spyder is considered one of the most spectacular Formula one cars of all time, designed for the legendary Juan Manuel Fangio, the exceptional Formula one racer of his time, this sports car had one of the most extensive runs and never recorded an accident until it ceased being used in 1964.

As a relic with an exceptional history, it’s no surprise that this Ferrari was once auctioned in 2016 for a whopping 28 million dollars ( $28 Million ).

In fact the car is so special that the owner rarely uses it on the road, mean who would want to put a scratch on such an expensive multi-million dollar car.


The Ferrari 250 GTO ( $52 Million ), the most expensive Ferrari hands-down is the Ferrari 250 GTO.
But what warrants this to be such an exquisite car ?

The fact that only 39 of its kind were constructed, and it was at one point the designated Ferrari car for racing during the 1962 season.
In fact many experts have marveled at the fact that the 250 GTO is no doubt the best Ferrari.

Let alone the most expensive one with a maximum speed of 320 miles an hour, it was designed for high-octane races with the utmost versatility.
The 250 GTO comes with a V-12 engine that makes it possible to reach death-defying speeds with such an ensemble, it’s no surprise that the 250 GTO was last auctioned for a whopping 52 million dollars ( $52 Million ).

Nevertheless we must not forget that vintage Ferraris are always increasing in value due to their rarity, in fact it’s very possible that some of the prices we have mentioned in this list will increase tenfold in a couple of years to come you never know which billionaire will come prancing about just to snap up a classic Ferrari and added to his resplendent car collection.


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