The Resurgence of Conor Mcgregor

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The question is who is Conno right now, is Connor McGregor the same guy that knocked out Boston Dustin Poirier when he was a savage, is he the same guy that knocked out Diego Brandao, is he is he the same guy that knocked out Jose Aldo, is he the same guy who knocked out Eddie Alvarez or is he just some new thing cause all this money and all this fame and all this attention he likes to party.

You know what does he now ?
If he is the same guy physically and he decides he wants to let the world know that, he can still do it, and who gives how much money he has in the bank ? He wants to let the world know he’s here to fight people up and he’s here to reclaim his crown, if he goes into the fight with that attitude, we could certainly see a resurgence.
The question has always been whether or not a rich man has the motivation to work like a poor man ? and he’s a very rich man.

What your Motivation ?

No wonder the money will stop my hunger for this on my hunger to compete and entertain and I just live my life the way I want to live, it the way I enjoyed the live, but I know what I want to do and what I enjoy doing and this is what I enjoy doing I’m gonna keep doing it, now I’m doing it full steam ahead I’m in the best shape of my life mental and physical.

Why are you here what’s driving you to combine life ?

I love the look of competition, the love of this eye I would not have achieved the heights that I achieved without the love for the sport, and it’s hard to just let that go, no matter what number is in the account, so I’m here for the love of competition, a hell of an opponent here in front of me, and he has phenomenal records also I live on this taking them or getting a hold of them,

You know I was excited with the Donnell fight because Donnell has such array of UFC opponents that stretched from middleweight down to featherweight, you know when you fight a man you engaged with his opponents also, so my reach would in the UFC stretches far and wide and I’m very very pleased and excited with that.

Do you need mixed martial arts ?

Yeah most certainly it’s a deep-rooted passion of mine, this sport I love it
dearly, I love this company dearly, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, who a company, what a company to be involved in, I need this of course I will be I’ll be involved in this game for my entire life there’s a lot of good stuff going on at welterweight, right they say ,there’s a couple of guys are too great for me in this Matt and I disagree, I thought a welterweight I felt very very good at well the weight dropped a much heavier multiple times over outlasted the man also known cardio machine at welterweight, so I feel good at this weight and and you know this is Happy Days and it opens up more options for me so I’m pretty excited about that,.

I‘m in a great spot physically mentally and I’m prepared you know this generally a team that will make more records I would create more records, I’m very excited about this.

what you learned about yourself ?

I‘ve learned a lot about myself, it’s just every day is a learning experience in this world, I continue to approach life with a beginner mind that allows me to continue to rise.
I was not as focused, it was almost like my job was done after that Brooklyn insane, what needed to happen happened then the belt was just an aftereffect and I wasn’t fully focused and I wasn’t fully committed with it and that led to a different man, and now I have corrected my things I needed to correct and in a good state of mind with that.

This is gonna be a phenomenal year. 2020 I’m kickstart this year big star.

Connor McGregor happy, so engaged and so motivated, Do you Agree with All these Statements ?

I‘m feeling really good I’m enjoying my trainer, I listen to myself what I needed to do in my in training, set up and an outside of the gym and I executed theme, I followed what I said to myself that I needed to do and it’s giving me energy it’s giving me focus, and I’m happy now, enjoying my trainer.
So I’m just focused and committed, I’m listening to myself and I followed my internal instruction and it’s just given me more passion and more focus and more Drive, and I’m doing what I feel I need to do.
life is all a crazy roller coaster especially this life, but I find my best man and I must do something, I know I must do it and I do it, I execute it, that’s what I’m doing right now that’s what I have done the Train phenomenon, my coaches, my team everyone’s been in sync together and we’ve had a great camp and we’re very happy here, obviously it’s good to be back in Las Vegas and I’ve been in Vegas in a while, I’m very excited very happy.

What means Patience For you ?

Patience is a skill we must master, patience is one of the most valuable skills a human being must master and I’m working hard to master it, and I feel I’m getting there something fine.

how do you beat down time ?

I‘m gonna shine here on January 18, and want to create magic inside the Octagon like I have done many times before but this is gonna be something special, I’m gone in there fresh sharp fast like dangerous powerful, that’s full of energy.
I stopped time when I knock it out early possibly.
2020 a year of a perfect vision.

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