Top 10 Terrifying Simpsons Secrets

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With 31 seasons and 673 episodes, the Simpsons series achieved great success in America and gained a great following and sincere audiences, but there are mysterious things present in this series that viewers of this series do not notice, we will dive today into the depths of the Simpsons series and reveal some dark secrets about the series The Simpsons you may have never heard of.
The Simpsons series is an American comedy series that appeared a long time ago in 1989, and this series is considered one of the best performances ever, and this series discusses social, political, cultural issues and even that it predicts events that can happen as it happened many things in 2020 and was mentioned in this series A long time ago.
 If you are fond of and love this series, then in this article I will show you the top 5 scary secrets in the series The Simpsons.

5 . The Evil Aliens

All of us, or in a true sense, all the followers of The Simpsons We know about Simpsons Treehouse, the completely frightening and terrifying episodes of horror , within the horror episodes of the Simpsons series there are two aliens Kang and Kodos trying to take over the world and attack Springfield.
  The strange creature Kodos is named after a deadly and bloody collective character named Kedos from Star Trek, the original series where Kedos ends up as an evil dictator and kills four thousand residents of his colony.

4 . Marge’s Bunny Ears

Have you ever wondered why Marge’s hair is so long, that she can be hiding something, yes of course she is, Marge has long hair because she was born with the ears of a rabbit, according to the creator of the Simpsons series Matt Groening wanted, Matt to have Marge’s hair designed like this so in The last episode of The Simpsons You can discover that she has wide ears all the time, which may mean that Marge is among some of the strange creatures.

3 . Marge The Giant

  Marge Simpson, there are many questions around her, we have proven the cause of her hair length, and the reason was to hide her ears, her husband Homer is six feet tall and Marge is also six feet – but when we take her hair into account, her is eight and a half feet long.
  Matt called this name, Marg Simpson on the name of his mother Margaret Groening, and her great hair was also inspired by the Bride of Frankenstein hairstyle , although his mother went up a hairdo similar to Marge Simpson’s hairstyle but it was not blue.

2 . Homer The Clown

The Simpsons Krusty, the Clown shows a very nefarious character that Bart loves but have you ever noticed how Homer and Krusty share similar features, because if Homer wore some make-up with some green hair and a red nose he would have been very much like Krusty while apparently Matt Groening was planning Originally to make Krusty the Homer secret character of the clown they made both characters have similar characteristics.

Krusty is Homer’s clown physically but when we go deep, Krusty seems to have some very bad habits, he constantly smokes drinking and often appears to be depressed.

So if Krusty was really Homer, does that mean horror would have hidden these traits from his very sad family to think about it too, he would have changed the dynamic relationship between Bart and Homer.

1 . The Real Smithers

Did you know that Waylon Smithers didn’t always have yellow skin like the rest of the people in Springfield, that’s right, in the first season of episode 3 titled Homer Odyssey, it was already shown with dark brown skin and blue hair, and it radically differs from how it looks now, it turns out that All this was just a production mistake that was always supposed to be yellow in color but the coloring artist ended up messing around and there was not a big enough budget to go back and fix the color.

Have you ever asked yourself why the Simpsons are primarily yellow ?
Matt Groening said he wanted them yellow for one reason, to get the audience’s attention so that when they flipped over through the channel and they see the yellow characters they know automatically what appears on.

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