Top 5 Best New Gaming Tech in 2020

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It looks like 2020 is going to be an epic year for groundbreaking gaming tech as the year starts major companies are beginning to announce their newly developed and soon-to-be-released gaming gear.

There are new processors simulators, gaming desktops, laptops and of course some much-anticipated new consoles, we’ve gathered some of the most exciting new releases to keep you up to date with what we could look forward to in 2020.

Origin PC’s Big O Gaming Console

Origin PC released a gaming console concept last year called the big O, which includes a PC, Xbox one X, PlayStation 4 pro and a Nintendo switch dock, this Frankenstein of consoles features a cryogenic cooling system, 4k HDMI switch, 2 terabyte SSDs for faster gameplay and storage, USB 3.0 extension cables and an Ethernet switch that allows players to go online on all of the systems.
The design is based on a customization that Origen started in 2009, the 2019 version was not made available to the public but at this year’s CES Origen announced a big O that would be available for consumer purchase, the system will feature a PC and either an Xbox one or a ps4 though origin is stated the available consoles will be updated when Xbox and Playstation released new systems. After updating and improving the design, the big O is ready to allow gamers an easier transition between gaming systems at a more affordable price.
The system comes in a cool clear casing that allows gamers to show off what’s included in their set up.

Razor Kishi

Razors announced the razor kishi a universal gaming controller that connects to most Android and iOS devices as mobile gaming continues to rise in popularity, razors release as a welcome announced, the controller is being advertised as having a universal fit thanks to an adjustable belt on the back of the device, the belt stretches to fit your phone looks similar to a Nintendo switch when connected, making it easy to travel with and comfortable to carry and control, and when not in use the two halves of the controller can conveniently click together for easy storage.

The device connects directly to the phone’s charging port instead of via bluetooth, so it eliminates the button response delay, it’s decked out with all, the major inputs including bumper buttons and a d-pad, there’s no need to worry about your device dying all the controllers plugged into the charging port.
The kishi allows pass-through charging on the bottom right of the device, razors really thought the concept through and this accessory seems likely to play a role in the increased popularity of cloud gaming.

Alienware UFO Concept

Another new handheld gaming device was announced at this CES, Dell’s Alienware UFO concept is a handheld PC gaming device with an 8-inch display controllers that can be removed from the sides of the device similar to the Nintendo switch, and a kickstand on the back of the display that allows gamers to easily play with a handheld controller even if the device isn’t connected to an external display.

In addition to being able to connect the device to another screen, it can be connected to a mouse and keyboard, and the system is a full capable Windows 10 PC that will allow gamers to play games from their steam library if that steam on-the-go .
Concept has PC gamers pretty excited but there’s no release date tied to the system as of now, but with its positive reception after the announcement, it’s possible we’ll be able to buy this thing before 2020 is over.

New Nintendo Switch Model

New Nintendo switch model with all the comparisons new gaming technology is drawing to the switch we had to include the rumor launch of a new switch model in our list, Nintendo announced plans to develop a switch with improved battery life a magnesium alloy body, and an update to the CPU, though the actual development in details of the device that are working on is unclear, really want to know what a magnesium alloy body does though.
Aim for a mid 2020 release according to rumors this new switch is likely to be a more professional model to allow it to compete with new releases like the PS 5 and Xbox Series X, this might mean a better display improved controllers a better battery, we’ll have to wait and see but the amount of
speculation coming out about the release means we’re likely to see it before the year is over.

Razer’s Ultimate Racing Simulator

Razer brought an immersive racing experience to CES 2020 with their new ultimate racing simulator, the simulator features a high-tech steering wheel that adapts the different driving styles, gives the driver increased motor feedback and features magnetic paddles for easy gear shifting.

The device has two black projection screens, that allow gamers a two hundred and two degree field of vision at 128 inches with superior color and depth of display, it features a hydraulic three pedal system, made up of a clutch brake and throttle D-box motion technology that provides realistic suspension and driving movement just like at the movies.
Customizable driver’s seat to meet each racers comfort requirements, and a seat belt g-force tensioner system resulting in accurate feedback from braking, just what everybody needs all of these features come together to make a simulator feel the most realistic that erasing has ever felt, and with positive reception of the system it’s likely that it’ll become a professional erasing must have.

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