Vladimir Putin’s Rumored $1B Secret Golden Palace

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Of course you know this man, whether you’ve seen him in memes on social media or all over the news, you probably have an idea that he is a very wealthy and powerful person, but what if I told you Putin only makes 112 thousand dollars a year or so he says since he became president of the Russian Federation in 2000, Putin’s wealth and assets have been an enigma, the claims that he makes only 112 thousand dollars a year have been further brought into question as Putin’s Jets, houses, planes and jewelry have crept out of the shadows, he’s been spotted wearing at least 700,000 dollars worth of fantastic watches, nearly six times is reported yearly income, on top of that he’s linked to 58 airplanes a fleet of yachts and a private jet that has a $60,000 gold toilet.

One of his four yacht called the graceful reportedly cost 1.2 billion dollars, of course there are plenty of costs on top of owning extravagant planes and yachts, but the biggest mystery of all and what many consider to be the key to unlocking the truth about putin’s wealth, is a 1 Billion dollar mansion, that was built in secret off the coast of a resort town in the Black Sea, the billion dollar mansion is one of the most expensive homes ever built, and many speculate that it was built with improperly diverted government funds, naturally Putin denies any connection to the mansion, but he’s also denied a connection to eight other homes he is now known to own.

There’s a Putin version of the White House called Novo Ogaryovo though presidents can opt to stay at the Kremlin when first government business is done, but Putin instead opted to redesign Novo Ogaryovo which was built in the 19th century, the estate is opulent with a pool table an indoor heated pool to cold plunge pools a sauna several dining rooms and several boardrooms, he also has an estate on Lake that is 23,000 acres on a private Peninsula with access to boating and fishing, Putin can also take advantage of several other amenities like the bowling alley, the indoor cinema and even a private Church, neither are these residences even remotely compared to the billion-dollar estate which has been nicknamed Putin’s palace.

Putin’s Palace is tucked into 40 acres of forested mountainside on the edge of the Black Sea, the home is indeed a palace, it was built to resemble the vacation mansions of 18th century Russian sauce with massive columns stone archways and regal courtyards, the home is at least 3 storeys with an opulent staircase that leads up to the large patio an entryway flanked by massive Roman style columns, the entire home is surrounded by wrought iron fence adorned with solid gold accents and topped with a large gold imperial Eagle, in this center of the home there is a stunning formal garden which you can look at from the 79 windows that surround the courtyard, the garden is full of perfectly landscaped hedges a large fountain and an arched awning, some of the hedges are even trimmed into the shape of a Heart, even some powerful world leaders can get a little mushy sometimes, atop the home there are three different helicopter landing paths all of which normally have million-dollar helicopters on them exactly something you’d expect a billionaire to have,, isn’t it, there have been very few glimpses of the interior of the home, but what has been leaked to the public says a lot about what can be found further in the residence.

The room is also adorned with two huge crystal chandeliers and dozens more hand-painted murals, it’s not known exactly how many bedrooms are in the home, but what has leaked has shown us that these bedrooms are extravagant from floor to ceiling, the bedroom has a gold engraved ceiling with meticulous designs the canopy bed of course is also adorned with gold, may be you’ve noticed by now, but Putin’s got a thing for gold.

The home also has a private quarter for security and staff, there’s a private indoor cinema, a pool and an outdoor amphitheater, there’s also an indoor casino and tea house all of which are totally necessary when running a country.

So how is this extravagant estate been linked to Putin exactly, a few years before the estate was built several of Putin’s close allies donated money to upgrade Russian hospitals, the government bought the equipment, more of Putin’s friends naturally they got a very large discount, and those unreported savings weren’t funneled into the offshore accounts of more of putin’s buddies of that money was then used to finance the palace in a project known as project south near the end of construction a whistleblower reported that Putin was directly in charge of the decoration of the palace and spent the majority of his time there very interesting to say the least so do you think the palace is really worth 1 billion dollars, do you think his true wealth will ever be revealed.

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