The Wives Of Billionaires – Guess Who !

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Lounging next to the swimming pools, buy the best clothes, book appointments at expensive restaurants, and drink enough mimosa to fill your pool overlooking the hills of Hollywood, and this is what many people believe is the life of a billionaire wife.

In this article we will look at some of the wives of famous billionaires and see exactly how they make a living and a difference in their lives.

1. Melinda Gates

Bill Gates found himself all over the news recently, after stepping down from the board of Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway however his wife Melinda Gates isn’t in the news too often and that’s surprising giving all the things she does.

Melinda Gates grew up in Dallas Texas where she developed a love of computer programming at a young age, she carried that love with her through her adolescence and went on to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science and economics from Duke University. She took things a step further and got a master’s degree in 1987, immediately after earning her degree, melinda went on to work in microsoft as a marketing manager in that role, she was the lead of development for multiple Microsoft programs including publisher and the word, she also helped develop Expedia which was a division of Microsoft at the time and has now grown into an eleven point two billion dollar ($11.2 Billion) company, she gradually transitioned into the role of general manager of information products where she remained until 1996.

1996, Melinda and Bill Gates got married in Hawaii which is a bit of a billionaire flex, after they married and she fell pregnant, Melinda stepped down from her role of Microsoft to raise the kids, she was relatively quiet until 2000 when she came back with a bang.

In the year 2000, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was founded, Melinda has taken an incredibly active role in the organization which has donated record-breaking amounts to philanthropic causes all over the world, amounting to over $36 billion dollars, they’ve donated $1.5 billion dollars to the World Health Organization, and have put a large amount of focus on health care including $286 million to HIV research, $383 million to neglected tropical diseases, $86 million to polio eradication and $777 million dollars to help fight AIDS and malaria.

2. Priscilla Chan

Our old friend Zuckerberg is a pretty popular figure in the news, with a net worth of sixty three point eight billion dollars ( $63.8 Billion), it’s no wonder why, however back in 2003 it was then at Harvard University where Mark Zuckerberg met Priscilla Chan.

Priscilla was a student studying biology and Spanish which became her third fluent language after Cantonese and English, her parents while refugees who fled Vietnam and settled in America working hard to ensure Priscilla could get in education, after graduating from Harvard Priscilla entered medical school at the University of California San Francisco, she went on to do her pediatric residence at San Francisco General Hospital and since then she’s worked as a pediatric and raised her and marks children.

On top of raising her children and working as a doctor, Priscilla urged mark to begin the Chan Zuckerberg initiative, the Chan Zuckerberg initiative has donated $4.6 billion dollars to charities, including $128 million to San Francisco Bay Area schools.

3. Lucy Southwort

Larry Page might not be a name you recognize, but he helped found a company you surely do a fairly well-known startup called Google, naturally he made quite a bit of fortune off that little business venture leaving him with a current net worth of fifty eight point six billion dollars – $58.6 Billion.

Lucy Southwort has made quite a fortune and a name for herself in her own right, she attended the University of Oxford where she received the Masters of Science degree focusing on the data analysis and study of eukaryotic organisms from there, she went on to get her PhD from Stanford, she currently works full-time as a scientist and researcher, but she also helps run the coral Victor page Memorial Fund which has donated $15 million dollars to a Polar Research, though she and Larry run the philanthropic nonprofit, she’s also involved in several other nonprofits including her mother’s organization, she frequently travels to Africa to provide medical relief to at-risk communities, on top of the full-time job as a scientist and her work with multiple nonprofits Lucy also raises two of their young children.

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