10 Worst Pandemics Viruses That Shook The World

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Pandemics are no stranger to humanity as there have been many throughout history and some have been a lot worse than others.

10. Sixth Cholera Pandemic (1910 – 1911)

Estimated Deaths: Over 800,000

The six cholera pandamic originated in India where over 800,000 people lost their lives before it spread to the Middle East, North Africa, Eastern Europe and even Russia and this sixth cholera pandemic was also the source of the last american outbreak of cholera back in the year 1910 to 1919, but in 1923, cholera cases had been cut down drastically although it was still a constant thing over in India.

9. Flu Pandemic (1968)

Estimated Deaths: Over 1,000,000

There’s a category 2 flu pandemic sometimes referred to as the Hong Kong flu, this 1968 flu pandemic was caused by the H3N2 strain of the influenza A virus, from the first reported case on July 13th 1968 over in Hong Kong within three months, this thing spread to the Philippines, India, Australia, Europe and even the United States.

While the 1968 pandemic had a low mortality rate at about 0.5% it still resulted in 500,000 residents of Hong Kong losing their lives, which was approximately 15% of the entire population of Hong Kong at that time.

8. Flu Pandemic (1889 – 1890)

Estimated Deaths: 1 million

Originally the Asiatic flu or the Russian flu as it was called was thought to get outbreak of the influenza A virus subtype H2N2, but recent discoveries showed that it was actually the influenza A virus subtype H3N8. The first cases were observed in May 1889 in three separate distant locations, in baqara, Central Asia, Athabasca, Canada and also over in Greenland.

The rapid population growth of the nineteenth century specifically in the urban areas really just helped to spread the flu and before long the outbreak had spread across the globe becoming a pandemic.

7. Third Cholera Pandamic (1852 – 1860)

Estimated Deaths: 1 million

The most deadly of the seven cholera pandemics, like the first and second pandemics, the third cholera pandemic originated over in india and it spread through Asia, Europe, North America and Africa, there’s a British physician by the name of John snow no relation to the character from Game of Thrones , but he tracked down cases of Cholera and he eventually succeeded in discovering that the contaminated water was actually the means of how this was being transmitted.

6. Asian Flu (1956 – 1958)

Estimated Deaths: 2 million

The Asian flu was a pandemic outbreak of the influenza A H2N2 subtype that originated in China, the Asian flu traveled from China to Singapore and the United States and estimates for the loss of life total of the Asian flu by the World Health Organization is approximately two million, and 69,800 of those were in the u.s.

5. Antonine Plague (165 AD)

Estimated Deaths: 5 million

Antonine Plague also known as the plague of Galen, the Antonine plague was a pandemic that affected Asia Minor, Egypt Greece and Italy and it’s thought to have been either smallpox or the measles by the true cause of this is actually still unknown, they have no idea what this was, so this unknown disease was brought back to Rome by soldiers returning from Mesopotamia around 165 ad unknowingly, and they had spread this disease across the land which decimated the Roman army.

4. Plague of Justinian ( 541 – 542 AD)

Estimated Deaths: 25 million

This is said to possibly have eliminated half of the population of Europe at the time, and the plague of Justinian was an outbreak of the Bubonic plague, and the Bubonic plague is caused by a bacterium named Yersinia pestis, and this afflicted the Byzantine Empire as well as parts of the Mediterranean, and at its height 5,000 people per day were losing their lives.

3. Flu Pandemic ( 1918 )

Estimated Deaths: 20 – 250 million

Between the years 1918 and 1920 there’s a destructive outbreak of influenza that went global of the half a million people infected in the year 1918, the mortality rate was at 10% percent and it rose to 20% percent, what separated the 1918 flu pandemic from other influenza outbreaks though, was that the victims themselves were different, it had started taking the lives of healthy young adults while leaving children and those with weaker immune systems, they weren’t the ones passing away.


Estimated Deaths: 36 million

It was first identified in the Democratic Republic of Congo back in the year 1976, and currently there are between 31 and 35 million people living with AIDS right now, and the vast majority of those live in sub-saharan Africa where about five percent (5%)of the population is infected, and that’s roughly 21 million people, now as awareness of course has grown a lot and new treatments have come out, so now HIV is a lot more manageable than it used to be and many of those infected still go on to live very productive and prosperous lives.

1. The Black Death (1346 – 1353 )

Estimated Deaths: 75 – 200 million

Between these years of 1346 to 1353, there was an outbreak of this plague at that completely ravaged Europe, Africa and Asia, it was believed to be originated over in Asia though andn the plague most likely jumped continents through the fleas that were living on rats, that were often found on merchant ships, so of course ports were major urban centres at the time, so the bacterium among the rats and the fleas they spread like wild fire.

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