Microsoft : Xbox series X

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Microsoft unveiled the new Xbox and it turns out, it’s not called the project scarlet, it’s actually called the Xbox series X, a name you probably can’t save five times fast, but the big reveal will have a lot of people scratching their heads like:

ho is that narrator ?
What does a new console have to do with dreams ?

We’ll explain all that and much more, we’ll start with the first question on everyone’s mind.
What does the new Xbox look like ?

It’s definitely a box but certainly not a platonic solid , it’s more like three cubes buxom on top of each other, and so the Internet has christened it with a fitting nickname, the X tangle like a rectangle not like the earphones you left in your pocket, it’s got a disk drive and above it, a little white logo that also serves as the power button.

On the top it’s got what looks like a vent or maybe they’re just stylish holes peeking out from underneath the holes is a light pulsing Xbox green, this will no doubt come as a relief to those who thought that the new Xbox, codenamed Scarlett until today would be red, but don’t worry it’s green.

It was released in a short video clip after which Phil Spencer the Xbox boss came on stage looking massively underdressed for an awards show, it gave a little speech.

The trailer begins as a montage of some abstract animated landscapes, the purpose of which is likely to signal that the new Xbox will have sick graphics, then there’s a racecar a little soccer moment and then of course Master Chief on the edge of a cliff.

The virtual camera zooms out and traps the image in a transparent rectangular prism, which then morphs into the new Xbox.
Throughout the whole video there’s some narration behind the images, which seems a little out of place, it starts like this, let’s suppose that you were able to dream any dream you want, and that you could have the control within one night to dream 75 years of time, and then it goes on to say similar things about life’s possibility and dreams, it’s pretty much a semi intellectual version of Aerosmith’s dream on.

The guy talking is Alan Watts, a philosopher who’s famous for taking so-called Eastern religions, and repurposing their teachings for secular Western audiences, in other words he’s a walking college dorm room poster.

The narration in the Xbox ad is a speech of his called the dream of life, unfortunately though Microsoft has edited out some of the best lines which is understandable, although it would be cool if they revealed the new Xbox by saying that life implies death.

After the grand montage, Phil Spencer took the stage and said a couple of predictable things about how the Xbox Series X are going to be better than the Xbox one in every way, how it’ll raise the console bar etc…

The presentation was light on specifics, but Spencer did tell GameSpot that the new controller will have a share button and the big tall series X can also rest on its side.

On a more interesting note, the series X also got its first launch title, which will presumably be an exclusive, the game is called senua’s saga hellBlade II and it’s a sequel to a game from two years ago that was universally acclaimed, IGN called it a beautiful dark, tense the visual novel and a masterclass of atmosphere storytelling and the marriage of mechanical and conceptual design, it’s a story driven game that situates you in senua’s head by distorting the world and talking to you through countless inner voices, it is a stressful but worthwhile experience.

The new one looks like it’ll be taking the success of the first and turning it up to 11, senua’s looks much less innocent, chanting in a freaky deep voice, with some witchy Norse runes tattooed all over her face.

The new hellbound is apparently being developed specifically to show off the strengths of the new console, so it’ll probably be larger in scope than the first game.

The trailer seems to confirm this it looks like senua’s has an occult army under her command as well as a giant slash Mountain.

Microsoft press conference – the Game Awards, so a bunch of games were given awards their game of the year went to SEKIRO SHADOWS DIE TWICE the unforgiving samurai game that is by no means accessible but definitely deserving of the award.

The PS 5 was not announced, but its first exclusive game was it’s called GOD FALL.

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